Saturday, January 16, 2016

irobot roomba 980 vacuum cleaning robot for pets

iRobots are there in selling all the kinds of gadgets which are meant for cleaning the pool or gutter and can be regarded as the ones with the commercial grade quality. They even come with automated lawnmowers so that you can work well on them. The brand is much popular for the Roomba vacuum cleaners that they have launched and this is the one which is much impressive as the floor cleaner. The Roomba 980 that is recently launched by iRobots are the ones which are enabled with WiFi. It has got so many smart features with it but it is not so appealing in performance when compared with older Roomba 880 at

Out of the Box 

The 880 Roomba is something that most of us are much familiar with. The new Roomba 980 at has got many of the features of the old one in it. It has got almost the same size as well as weight of the previous model. There are few buttons omitted in it and you can find the clean button as the same one that was there with the older version. The NiMH battery was the ones used with Roomba 880 by iRobot and they replaced that with the lithium ion battery which lasts much longer in the new one. New sensors as well as camera was added for better and strategic mapping. The basic design of 980 is similar to that of the predecessors. It is round in shape and has got a spinning side — brush as well as two major rotating brushes. You can also get a larger clean brush at the center and also a removable dust bin too along with the model. It is possible for you to find only three buttons on the machine which are spot, home and clean modes .You can get the Roomba out of box and can use it as such. There are few connections that you have to make. You need to plug the docking station and then set Roomba for charging. Download android or the iOS app. You get every steps related with you from the app and it provides you with the vocal cues and then you can be really set for cleaning within about 10 minutes. It is very easy for you to add this vacuum robot to the WiFi network. It is something that is really much easier for you to use and know. 


There is a clean button on the Robot which means that there is no need for you to use the phone for getting the vacuum cleaner started and get that into action. There is another home button too available with it and the spot button too. It is the place where you can find the options like the edge clean, number of passes for cleaning and also carpet boost. It is possible for you to schedule cleanings with the app to the extend like once in a day. You can also find the history of the jobs done by your cleaning robot. The app also provides you with the care tips related with it. It is something that you can find much easier to walk and there are clean buttons available both in the front as well as center. It is possible for opening the app and start the cleaning process from first screen. There are chances for this to take some seconds before bot is starting up. It is not possible for you to get any information on when the Robot needs help from the app. It is not possible for you to find any notifications with it as there is nothing there for you to do when you are not there at your home. The app does not act as the remote control for driving the robot around the obstructions at home. 

It is possible for you to get some voice warnings for informing errors with the robot. It can even provide you with information what actually can be wrong. There are chances for you to even appreciate so that you can run without having bin in the place. There are chances for this robot to be something that is awesome to start up and the fling debris for forgetting about the replacement of the dustbin. 

Around the House 

The vacuum does not have a remote control but it needs to be manually controlled. He barriers of the vacuum works exactly in the way it is advertised. When it goes near any barriers it can stop working. The cords, cables and such things need to be avoided so that you can get better way for stopping it. It is not a great performer when it comes to the cleaning part. There are chances for this to miss out so many things if it is not given proper care. It is but very good in cleaning the pet hair and such kinds of the dust or the dirt inside the home. The mapping capabilities of the vacuum is really improved well and this can reduce the time for the vacuum to run after the cleaning for some couple of the times. The history section that you get with the app is really much interesting. It can give you much amount of time for vacuuming room and also the square footage. It can easily run around living rooms so many times. It can be available in various dimensions. 


The iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is the one that is available with a battery that has got better life. There are also additional sensors as well as cameras, app connectivity and WiFi along with the vacuum cleaner Robot. 


The performance of this robot is not as good as the previous version. It has got some smarter features included in it but the basic features are still not that well served.
It is an exciting Robot to use and is really awesome for any household. It is something that has got much awesome features with it that makes it really a great option to consider.

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